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Book Newspaper Ad For Recruitment

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There are various advantages of booking your Recruitment Ads in Newspaper though Unicom Advertising are:

  1. You can book your ad using a simple process which doesn't take up more than 10 minutes.
  2. You can check the progress of your ad using our Order Tracking facility until it becomes ready for processing.
  3. You can clear your payment via various online and offline payment options.
  4. You can book your ads at lowest Ad Rate with no additional charges.

Newspaper Recruitment Ad Booking Process

Do you know how to book Recruitment Ad in Newspaper?

Follow the given steps to book your ad online in Recruitment page:

  1. Select ad type and then choose publication and location.
  2. With the help of sample Ads, compose your ad.
  3. Now, go ahead to select Dates and make payments.